MMBA's Mission:
To preserve, protect, and promote mountain bike access and diverse
riding opportunities on Montana's public lands through education,
communication, and unified action.
"Whatever the social question, a bicycle should be part of the answer"

MTB Economics

Economic Impacts of Mountain Biking
Montana, rich in great trails, beautiful scenery and down-home hospitality, is ripe to profit from mountain bike tourism. Two recent studies reveal information that mountain bike recreation provides a green and sustainable economy for rural communities surrounded by public lands. The findings document the economic power of mountain biking and verify the potential benefits for towns like Butte, Dillon, Philipsburg, Hamilton, West Yellowstone and scores of others across the State.

A study just released by Shimano and IMBA ranks Montana among the top three states in the nation with over 30% of the population riding mountain bikes. 50 million mountain bikers pump $26 Billion into the American economy in direct expenditures benefiting retail sales, services and tourism-related industries locally, regionally and nationally. Nationally, there are 1 1/2 times more mountain bikers than golfers.

Go to the Shimano Economic Study.

The Outdoor Industry Foundation commissioned a recreation study by geographic area, including mountain bicycling in the Mountain States region; Montana is in this region. The Mountain States Region– AZ, CO, ID, NM, MT, UT, NV, WY – offer spectacular bicycling destination opportunities. Out-of-state bicyclists flock to Lake Tahoe, Nevada, the Rocky Mountains, and trails and roads in-between, bringing tourist dollars with them. The people of the West also cycle close-to-home on local trails, roads, and highways.

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